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Things Happen.

TransMe, a subsidiary of People 4 People Productions in partnership with IGNYTE TV promotes Film Media Literacy Education, a new form of foundational learning for the 21st Century. Today full participation in contemporary culture requires not just consuming messages, but also creating and sharing them. To fulfill the promise of digital citizenship, Americans must acquire multimedia communication skills that include the ability to compose messages using language, graphic design, images, and sound, and know how to use these skills to engage in the civic life of their communities.  Check out the videos below and Contact Us To Learn More.



Our Public Service Announcements increase awareness about the potential of Film Media Literacy Education to solve many of the problems we face today including misinformation campaigns, the spread of propaganda and fake news that is increasing opportunities for extremism to foment. 

We're committed to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Goals,  - # 8 'Decent Jobs For Youth' and the development of young media industry professionals capable of delivering quality video productions and products that earns a living wage.



Film Media Literacy isn't just a nice thing to have today -  it's a critical element of living in our new digital age and vital for communities and people committed to Freedom, Justice, and Democracy.  Learn more here about Film Media Literacy Education and why it matters.

We use our 'Echoes of an Era' program, students' enthusiasm for music, video production, and current events to teach the cyclical nature of American History and to increase public awareness about the most critical issues of our times. 


Join The Movement

Empower a new generation of learners with action-oriented justice and advocacy skills they need to be involved in the social change process. Interested in investing in your organizations' impact?  Contact Us. Let's Talk.

"In an age of information overload, our youth need to allocate the scarce resource of human attention to quality, high-value messages that have relevance to their lives".